Let Valiant be your shield, your silver bullet in economic uncertainty.

Are you ready for BREXIT ?

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The Silver Cryptocurrency
We are a small nation. Our military strength in proportion to the mighty armaments of modern nations can never be considerable. Our strength as a nation will depend upon our economic freedom, and upon our moral and intellectual force. In these we can become a shining light in the world.
Michael Collins
So why should one purchase ValiantCoin ?
White Paper
1. Failsafe security 
2. Instantaneous transactions
3. Interoperability
4. Financial Independence
5. Transparency 
6 Fraud Detection and Coin recoverablity
7. Zero Transaction fees
8. Self Determining Governance
The technical aspects on how to understand the need for ValiantCoin explains
ValiantCoin's advantages over other blockchain applications. 
Points covered are governance, sustainability, security, independence and comparison to other applications.
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